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The Festival 2007

The Diamond Literary Festival 2007 will feature the 1st Annual Discovering New Authors & Illustrators Contest for elementary and high school students.  The Association will publish the book of the first two winners and provide them with their first book signing. There will be ten winners altogether. Click here for more details.  

Technical Literary Day -   Has also been added for 2007. This is a two day event. High Schools are invited on one day and the second day is open to the community. They will participate in workshops, have Corporate Interactive Displays, and ask questions to a College Student Panel.  Workshops will be on Developing a Resume, Making Your Edits Work for You (Resume or Web Page), Making Your Search Count (Internet Research, fact finding), Develop Your Own Book, and Publishing Your Work (publishing online). Let us know if you want to sign your school up.

Celebrating Gospel Music, Singers, and Writers for Such a Time as This, is another new event. Continue to check website for updates on this event.

Other Activities Include:
Celebrating Authors
-a two day event bringing high school student together on one day, and elementary students together on another day, to meet and talk with authors.  Authors will share their book(s); tell what motivated them to become writers; have a question and answer period at the end, and do book signing.  

An event called “Inflections of Spoken Word” is an open-mike forum where a published poet will share his/her work.  Afterwards, the stage is opened to the public (young and old) to read their own work or the work of their favorite poet.  

A Health Fair - It covers issues dealing with physical fitness, living healthy life-styles (drug-free), and proper nutrition.  Authors, medical experts, and sports figures expound on the importance of proper nutrition and physical fitness.  With this endeavor, we will move the “whole” person toward a more successful life and lifestyle.

We have had health screening clinics available.  To draw young students, as well as teenagers, the clinics were set up like villages.  Each village had a storyteller, who told a story that related to various health issues.

Book Fair & Banquet - The Book Fair will consist of various authors and genres.  This gives participants one-on-one contact with authors, photos, and book signings.  The Banquet will be the concluding event of the festival, with a renowned guest speaker. 

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