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The Diamond Literary Festival is a 501 ( c) (3) non-profit organization that could not exist without our faithful and generous sponsors and donors.

Become a sponsor today and make it possible for the Diamond Literary Festival to put the spotlight on the value of literature. 

The generosity of our sponsors will be recognized in festival promotions: According to your donation, you can receive any where from 2 tickets to the banquet and a tee-shirt, to a full color page in the souvenir book; table of 10 @ banquet; preferred seating; logo in book and displayed at all functions; vendor table; acknowledgement and recognition from podium.

 As you give to the Diamond Literary Festival Association, you play an enormous part in spreading the love of books to many communities.  In addition to a tax write-off, you will receive the satisfaction of good corporate citizenship, derived from enhancing the delivery of the festival as a cultural endeavor, not only in the inner-city, but, throughout the city of San Diego.

Your financial contribution will be used to help defray the cost of children activities such as the publishing of their books, book signings, Technical Literary Day, Book Fair, school assemblies, and special events held to expose students to the wonder and magic of literature and writing, through the guidance of various authors.

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We’d like to thank our current Sponsors:

Diamond Literary Festival Association
P.O. Box 152106
San Diego, CA 92195-2106
Phone: 619-913-0626
Email: alice.jefferson@cox.net

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The Diamond Literary Festival Association is a 501 non-profit organization