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The Diamond Literary Festival Association is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. It is made up of community members of different ages and nationalities, including citizens in and around the greater San Diego area, who are interested in making our city, especially the inner-city, a safe and better place to live and work.  The association is primarily made up of African-Americans.  However, our organization is open to anyone, who is willing to work toward the mission and goals of the association. 

Those who are a part of the DLFA benefit in knowing that they make a difference in educating, motivating, and enhancing self-esteem in our young people, as well as the community as a whole, by providing them with role models in the festival, who inspire and promote the value of literature, writing, and living healthy lifestyles.

Alice Jefferson
Executive Director

Literature and leadership have been the hallmarks of Alice F. Jefferson's life. The director and chairman of the Diamond Literary Festival Association board has always believed in happy endings, although her own beginnings were tragic.

Growing up in the small town of Rosebud, TX, she never knew her father. Her mother died shortly after leaving a psychiatric hospital as she gave birth to a stillborn. Alice was just 14.  An unwilling guardian, her grandmother, abandoned her at 16.

All the plot twists might have led to even more tragedy, but, books made all the difference.  Alice's mother, who herself was an avid reader, instilled in her at an early age the pleasure and joy of reading.  Books took the place of a TV in the home. After the death of her mother, it was through the reading of books that she was able to (temporarily) escape her feelings of abandonment and loneliness. She explored the world through books, and learned about things that she never thought she'd know otherwise.  As a teenager, she loved to read just about anything, but, especially books about human behavior and romance.  Alice is quoted as saying, "My greatest memory is of my mother and I, in our little shot-gun house, lying across the end of our beds, in our own world, reading.  This may be why I enjoy curling up in bed to this day, with a good book.”

In the 70s Alice and her family settled in San Diego, CA. This loving mother worked for San Diego City Schools in Special Education for 25 years until retiring in 2003. Along the way she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Development with special studies in Early Childhood Development.

She is an active officer of her church, the Mt. Erie Baptist Church, and has served as president of a number of organizations including the Los Camadras Chapter of American Business Women.

In 2004 Alice co-founded the Diamond Literary Festival with Aduku Addae.

As she told the San Diego Union-Tribune in 2005, "I'm passionate about exposing literature and writing through authors and scholars that the students and community can relate to."

Alice is making plans to do it again next year for the Diamond Literary Festival 2007. 

Board Members

Gracie Vaden, Assistant Coordinator
Trevin Jefferson, Financial Secretary
Nora Sloan, Treasurer

Advisory Board
Shelly Fox, Business Owner
Helen Jacobson, Dietician, Consulting Neighborhood House
Trevin Jefferson, Quality Control Technician, Sterigenics
Sharon Reynolds, Teacher, Hoover High School
Nora Sloan, Retired, Community Resident
Gracie Vaden, Director, Logan Head Start Program
Bruce Williams, Community Affairs
Sylvia Zachary, Sr. Engineer Manager, Cubic Defense Systems

Diamond Literary Festival Association
P.O. Box 152106
San Diego, CA 92195-2106
Phone: 619-913-0626
Email: alice.jefferson@cox.net

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The Diamond Literary Festival Association is a 501 non-profit organization